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For too long, if they decided to play video games in the middle of the night to not wake their kids, spouses, or roommates, Nintendo Switch owners were forced to bear the indignity of turning the volume down. Not any more!

Fortunately, Switch provided us with an update that added support for several wireless USB headphones. For those trying to find one last Zelda shrine as the sun shamefully rises on a weekday, it was great news. Not all dongle-based headphones run with the system, however.

Here is a list of wireless headphones that have been tested to work with the hybrid Nintendo console and another list of items that have not been tested to work. As businesses upgrade their drivers, these lists are subject to change, and Nintendo releases further device updates.

Use the Switch to set up your wireless headphones if you need a hand. To use any of the relevant headsets when the switch is unlocked, you will have to buy a USB-C adapter and plug the receiver into it. One thing to note when using wireless headsets in portable mode. Once you have done that, it will be a sound city.

Turtle Beach Recon Camo Headset for Games

Catch and experience the fight in camouflage comfort with your lightweight Turtle Beach ® Recon Camo multiplatform gaming headset.

Better Speakers, Better Sound, Pure Comfort

For a truly immersive game experience, the strong 50 mm speakers of the Recon Camo provide booming sound and crystal clear audio that lets you hear every crisp high and thundering low.

The famous high-sensitivity mic from Turtle Beach picks your voice up loud and simple. To stop screaming at other players (unless you want to), hear the intensity of your voice within the headset.

Hours-long sessions of gaming? Oh, no problem! The fabric-wrapped ear-cushions and headband camouflage provide improved breathability and provide additional comfort.

Controls of Easy Access

For fast and easy adjustments, convenient in-line controls put Master Volume and Mic Mute right at your fingertips. For radio silence, listening to music, or watching a video, the adjustable high-sensitivity mic can be disabled.

Your Recon 150 is universally compatible with newer Xbox One controllers, PS4TM Pro and PS4TM consoles, PCs, Macs, and compatible mobile / tablet devices through the standard 3.5 mm jack link. Multiplatform Recon Camo gaming headset. Experience the camo style of war.


          • Connecting Audio
          • Answer from Speaker Frequency
          • 3.5 mm 90-degree connector angle
          • 50 mm of Magnets of Neodymium
          • The Omni-Directional Removable
          • Material Headband / Earpad

Turtle Beach Recon Camo Headset for Games

Catch and experience the fight in camouflage comfort with your lightweight Turtle Beach ® Recon Camo multiplatform gaming headset.

Turtle Beach-Gaming Headset for Elite Pro Tournament

The Elite Pro line of gaming audio products from Turtle Beach carries a substantial premium, but as seen in the Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller (T.A.C.) ($149.95 at Amazon) mixing amp., they are justified by excellent build quality and performance. This is also illustrated very well by the Elite Pro Tournament Headset. For a wired gaming headset, the $199.95 price tag is steep, and Turtle Beach is downright stingy with the accessories included, but the headset’s supremely comfortable fit and excellent sound more than compensate for these shortcomings. It pushes past the less costly Astro Gaming A40 TR as the best-wired gaming headset available and winning our Editors’ Pick.


The Tournament Headset was explicitly designed to be the highest-end piece of gaming gear for Turtle Beach. For the headband and outside of the earcups, the design includes both anodized black metal and solid-feeling matte black plastic, and leather-covered memory foam for the large over-ear earpads. Under the main headband, a supplementary padded headband lies suspended, providing a tension-adjustable strip of fabric-covered memory foam for the head top. One of the most comfortable gaming headsets or headphones that I’ve tried is the result. In particular, the soft leather and soft memory foam of the ear cups ensure that the unit can be worn without problems for long periods of time.

The boom mic on the left earcup plugs into a port and can be detached, replaced, or simply flipped out of the way. The mic is mounted on a small, lightweight, easily adjustable metal arm; it’s a good mic, but with Turtle Beach’s $30 noise-canceling headset mic, you can improve the voice abilities of the headset.

Connectivity and Accessories

Besides the boom mic and the short connector cord, the headset itself does not have any controls or attachments. The cable stretches from the bottom of the left earcup just a few inches down, where it ends in a 2-inch black plastic tube with a proprietary audio connector inside. The connector is a 3-foot wire for the included headset cord, which for most game consoles and handheld devices terminates in a single four-pole socket. The tube helps ensure that the cable is properly attached, both because of the close fit it offers and because of a series of three slots on the side that show a series of three orange stripes on the connector of the cable when a cable is correctly positioned.

Turtle Beach Stealth 450 Headset for Wireless Gaming

Whether handling covert ops or in the thick of all-out war, the sleek futuristic nature of the Turtle Beach ® Stealth 450 gaming headset lets you focus in and hear all.

Wireless at 100 percent. Immersive Surround Sound at 100 percent. Bring audio to dazzling new heights with your PC gaming. As the DTS Headphone: X ® 7.1 Surround Sound delivers impressive 3D 360-degree soundscapes with unparalleled spatial precision, strong 50 mm over-ear speakers offer crisp highs and thundering lows.
Get your strategic edge by hearing soft noises like enemy footsteps creeping up from behind, trucks approaching with reinforcements in the distance, and reloading weapons just before an ambush with the special sound environment of Turtle Beach’s Superhuman HearingTM.

Be Loud & Clearly Heard

In order to stop shouting at other players with the Stealth 450’s Variable Mic Tracking, hear and change the tone of your voice within the headset. The renowned customizable high-sensitivity mic from Turtle Beach allows your every order to be heard and can be disabled for radio silence, listening to music, or watching a movie.

Supple perforated synthetic leather-wrapped ear-cushions provide superior comfort, deeper bass response, and noise isolation that allow you to comfortable play for hours (or days). In addition to that, DTS Surround Sound modes, EQ audio presets, and a rechargeable battery provide up to 15 hours of per-use play.

Stealth 450 Gaming Headset Wireless Surround Sound for PC. Your hidden tool for gaming.


        • Connecting Audio
        • Wireless Access to USB
        • Answer from Speaker Frequency
        • Transmitter Frequency Response
        • Control on Headset
        • Omni-Directional Microphone Removable

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