Audio Technica ATH-G1 vs. ATH-G1WL: Comparison


Audio Technica is an organization that is no more peculiar to extraordinary sound stuff. That is to say, it’s not too far off in their name. That is the reason we were eager to discover that they’ve recently delivered another pair of premium gaming headsets: the wired ATH-G1 and the remote ATH-G1WL.

Acquiring some plan signals from their M50x line of studio earphones, the G1 and G1WL both brag enormous gap 45mm drivers that convey remarkable sound clearness and bass reaction for a definitive gaming sound insight. Since the expert-sounding blast mic is separable, you can really utilize every headset as an incredible pair of earphones in your everyday life, at that point reattach the mic when it’s an ideal opportunity to smash the opposition. 

Japanese sound specialists, Audio-Technica, are presenting two premium gaming headsets: the wired ATH-G1 and remote ATH-G1WL. Taking plan motivation from the organization’s famous ATH-M50x proficient studio earphones, the headsets brag exactness sound multiplication, and amazing execution just as solace and accommodation. The new headsets will change even the most requesting players’ gaming meetings, as the lightweight plan and demonstrated studio sound quality permit both esports players and easygoing gamers to appreciate a long gaming meeting in extraordinary solace. 


The G1’s 6.6-foot 3.5mm connector makes it viable with PCs and all current-gen gaming supports, similar to the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The G1WL, then again, is truly just viable with PCs and Macs by means of the included 2.4GHz USB-A remote handset. Apologies, support players. Nonetheless, you do get a decent tradeoff as 7.1 virtual encompass sound for absolutely vivid ongoing interaction. 

The wired ATH-G1 is viable with PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and any stage with a 3.5mmm yield, when connected, the headset gives a safe association and offers a predominant sound encounter. Exceptionally tuned huge width 45mm drivers bring exact, clear studio-quality sound to game sound, while its 1,300mW information limit exploits committed sound cards to convey a full-power gaming experience. 

Audio-Technica ATH-G1

Audio Technica’s involvement with creating proficient telecom mouthpieces, utilized at probably the biggest games all through the world, has been used to plan a separable blast receiver. Designed for precise voice correspondence and order, the ATH-G1’s mouthpiece won’t get any interruptions, similar to consoles or surrounding commotion, with its hyper-cardioid directionality. 

The ATH-G1’s lightweight plan and air-through earpads keep the wearer agreeable through longer meetings, while the mic’s separable plan implies the headset can be immediately changed into in a hurry earphones. The two-meter link’s inline far off highlights volume and quiet controls and a Y-type sound system headset link are likewise included. 

Furnished with similar 45mm drivers and extraordinarily designed separable amplifier as the ATH-G1, with the additional adaptability of steady, low-inertness 2.4GHz remote network, the ATH-G1WL is helpful, agreeable, and forefront. It likewise adds virtual encompass sound, for a much more vivid 3D sound gaming experience that places you in the focal point of the activity. 

With 15 hours of battery life, the headset will last through the longest gaming meetings – yet it will likewise work while charging. It highlights controls for encompass sound, volume, and quiet on the earcup. The ATH-G1WL is viable with workstations and PCs by means of its remote USB Type-A handset. A couple of extra earpads is in the crate for your future substitution.

Gamers who need to get more genuine about their exhibition ought to consider the wired Audio-Technica ATH-G1 headset. This top-notch headset is lightweight yet solid. The earpads let air course, staying away from the diverting hot-ear sensation. Sound quality is first class, as we’ve generally expected from the organization. It’s an extraordinary choice for gamers who don’t need their headsets to shout “gamer.” 

Telecommuters whose days are devoured by phone calls ought to get these earphones. Certainly, they’re wired-just, yet an amplifier and sound quality are phenomenal. You’ll sound incredible via telephone, and call members will sound extraordinary through the headset.

Design and Comfort

At the point when you first force the ATH-G1 from its case, you notice two things about it. One: it’s incredibly light, and two: to hit that lightweight 0.6 pounds, it made a couple of bargains regarding visual allure. This doesn’t have the undeniable look of an exceptional headset. It is brushed aluminum headband gives the impression of having an outside cover missing, and keeping in mind that the plan is clearly made in light of weight-saving, it does not have a touch of artfulness regarding the execution. 

Audio-Technica ATH-G1

Bound on this present analyst’s somewhat more modest than-normal head, however, this more conventional cushioned headband configuration worked better compared to the past two-cushion suspended plan on ATH jars. It sat all the more firmly without diving in, and making changes was simpler. Because of the uncovered wiring running between each earcup and alongside the headband, there’s a little possibility of nipping the wire in the moving parts, however, it hasn’t occurred so frequently that I’d banner it as a genuine defect. 

The rubber-treated link, alongside the spur-of-the-moment inline control with volume and mic quiet activity, is somewhat of a failure as well. A meshed link would have been significantly more with regards to this value range, and the inline controls feel like those of a headset 33% of the cost. 

The earcups themselves are worked around a shut back plan and keep things basic and exquisite with a solitary metallic blue ring subtlety and a matte Audio-Technica logo on each cup. The froth cushioning is done in leatherette siding and breathable texture contact cushions, and despite the fact that it doesn’t feel very as delicate as some adaptable padding cushions on HyperX headsets, it’s abundant. There’s next to zero squeaking sound while turning the earcups, and they feel smooth and solid enough to support numerous long stretches of standard wear without issues emerging. On account of that super-lightweight, this is a headset you can wear for long meetings and nearly fail to remember you’re wearing it, with just the amassing heat in the shut back earcups parting with it. 

Generally, the plan is agreeable and light enough for professional gamers and requesting aficionados the same. It’s simply a disgrace Audio-Technica didn’t figure out how to pass on ‘premium-level headset’ a smidgen all the more plainly with the development materials and plan.

Final Verdict 

Audio Technica has a lot of involvement with creating proficient telecom receivers that are used at a portion of the world’s biggest games. The separable hyper-cardioid blast amplifier has been designed to convey precise voice correspondence and orders and will not get irritating interruptions like console sounds or other surrounding commotions. 

We can’t shake the inclination that the Audio-Technica ATH-G1 ought to remember somewhat more extravagance for its look and feel at the cost, yet I can’t contend with the sheer delight it offers with its amazing sound. It’s a designed EQ profile a lot of intended for dramatization and display as opposed to genuine sound scrutineering, such as blending work, however, it’s awesome at its picked strength. 

We are somewhat unsettled that the clearness and dynamic quality truly move off at lower volumes, however, and this attribute joined with its bass-weighty reaction implies the ATH-G1 isn’t ideal for genuine serious gaming, where long low-volume meetings to limit weariness are normal and supreme situating exactness is required. 

The pricier remote model, the G1WL ($249), is more qualified for a hurrying sound. Notwithstanding, the ATH-G1 is actually a headset with one eye on gaming and the other on disregarding its mic and hitting the roads with you while you hear some out tunes – that is the genuine strength of this bundle.

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