Raycon vs Airpods: Comparison


Music makes the world go round—-the famous tagline that some find it hard to analyze, but some just go with these sayings. For the music lovers out there that cannot go without music for their everyday lives helps tolerate the modern world, and finding the best musical instrument that can give the absolute greatest sound quality is the most important of it all. 

You can achieve everything nowadays, big or small it is. If you are fond of heavy, bulky earphones, then this might not be the article for you. You can head on to wireleassheadphones.guru for more choices of headphones and their efficient uses, but for you who are fond of earbuds that is so ideal when you’re out catching the subway, or just want earbuds for music, and also has awesome battery life, then read on to this article. 

There are many players in the market when it comes to earbuds, and the most talked of it all are Apple Airpods and Raycon. 

We remember it all, when Apple first released their actual earbuds, the world took it by storm. Enough with the wired earphones, or bulky headphones, and now the Bluetooth earbuds. Simply put the AirPods on your ear, then you can now enjoy the wireless earbuds listening experience. And if you are in a meeting, or just simply answering phone calls, sound quality is still the best. 

Then Raycon entered the market. Both of that modern earbud rose to fame with different features. From design, to sound quality, price range, noise isolation, battery performance, which brand is the best? 

Let us compare them and help you decide which one you choose. 

What are the Key Differences between Raycon Earbuds and Airpods?

With their latest version, the Apple Airpods Pro and Raycon E55, we can say that Apple has better quality sound than the latter, however, Raycon E55 is a better choice between the two for exercising as it is water-resistant. 

The first thing you will notice of the two is its case. The Raycon Earbuds have a horizontal case, while the Airpods have a vertical one, and the lid of the Raycon stays locked via a magnet, while the Apple’s lid is smooth and easy to open. If you want to also explore different colors, you will be enjoying Raycon’s 4-5 options, and as for apple, it is always white. 

Both brands don’t support wireless charging. You will also love how Raycon’s battery life of up to 36 hours with the charging case, while for Apple, it is only 24 hours. For playtime, Raycon earbuds can do 6 hours, and less 1 hour for Apple. 

Raycon and Apple can be easily connected to devices, though Airpods work best for iOS devices. 

Apple has active noise cancellation, while Raycon only has noise isolation. 

Raycon earbuds are a better choice for those who are not Apple products fanatic, as they are much cheaper and have the same sound quality as Airpods. 

Raycon E25 and Airpods Pro seem to have a lifespan of 2 years. But this depends on a lot of factors. Users are still happy with the durability of both brands. It is also good that both brands offer a one-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects.

Raycon Earbuds

Raycon Earbuds has gotten a lot of good reviews on their audio experience and has a good physical quality of products:

E25s True Wireless Earbuds

The cheapest Raycon earbuds in the market with an outstanding battery life of up to 6 hours is the E25 earbuds. You won’t also worry when used under the rain, or exercising because it is water-resistant. It also has a good minimalist design and has weighted amplitude. It also comes with a wireless charging case. 

E55 True Wireless Earbuds

This is very similar to Raycon E25 earbuds with water resistance and easy sync to different devices. It is also $20 higher than the E25 with the additional feature of wireless Qi charging mat but still budget earbuds. It is also available in different colors. 

This Raycon E55 earbud is one of the bestselling earbuds in the market giving the best audio experience with a good price difference compared to others. 

Similar item to consider:

E100 True Wireless Earbuds

The most comfortable earbuds of Raycon’s version are the E100 True Wireless Earbuds. Among the earbud selection in the market, these budget earbuds have claimed the sports earbuds entry. They are designed to stay in your ear even having extraneous activities. It is also a wireless charging supported. This crowd favorite budget earbud is the most highly rated likely due to its good price range, comfortable shape, admirable music listening experience, and amazing battery life. 

This similar item is available:

Apple Airpods

Apple AirPods might need a little adjustment on the comfort and fit part, but they seal the ear canal perfectly. As long as they don’t dislodge when you move around and give good audio quality, then there won’t be any problem. 

Apple Airpods are also best for small ears. It is extremely comfortable, however, it is not accompanied with gel tips to change so you can find the exact fit for your ears. Though both brands focus more on comfort and fitting, they also provide good audio quality in music playback or just answering calls. 

There are only two versions of Airpods in the market, the simple Airbuds set, and the Airbuds Pro Set. 

 Simple Airpods Set

Apple Airpods is still in the hall of fame for being the admirable earbuds in the market that offers both wired and wireless charging and can hold out for 5 hours of battery for playback time. It also has proximity sensors that will stop your music if you take out your earbuds. Though it is still on the higher-end earbuds, it still provides good audio quality and noise isolation features. It is certainly worth the money. 

Airpods Pro 

It has all the features of the normal AirPods, but more advanced than certainly is, and a higher-end earbud brand version. The first one is it has an active noise cancellation feature. It also has a transparency mode, which allows all noise-canceling effects to be switched off, so you can still hear what is going on around you, or when someone is talking to you. Lastly, Airpods Pro has an additional control of force sensor on the stem for music playback and airpod functions like the control of music and music playing. 

Which one to get? 

It is undoubtedly a hard decision to make, but if the price is a major factor, then you should go for Raycon. The earbuds they make are comfortable, sound amazing, and are a lot friendlier to a tight budget.

If you already have a lot of devices within the Apple ecosystem, then it might make more sense to buy their earbuds as well. The design is classic Apple sleek, and the functionality definitely tops that of the Raycon earbuds.

For the best quality sounds, you can choose either brand. Raycon has been one of the best in the sound playback industry for a while. Their sounds are so high quality that even their earbuds are better than many other brands’ headphone quality. With Apple, however, you are buying something that is tried and tested. And, of course, if you buy the Airpods Pro, then you are also getting active noise cancellation. That is something that not many earbuds have yet, including any of the Raycon ones.


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