The Best Bluetooth Headphone Adapters


Christmas has passed and for the holiday you may have received a cool pair of wireless headphones. The downside is those headphones aren’t Bluetooth capable, making them unable to connect to your devices. Instead of being upset, grab a Bluetooth Headphone adapter to solve all your problems.

A Bluetooth headphone adapter is a device that helps your headphones receive Bluetooth signals from any Bluetooth-enabled device. This makes it so your headphones don’t have to rely on a wired headphone or speaker to make it work with your device. The great thing about Bluetooth headphone adapters is they can also make your older headphones a little more modern.

So after talking about Bluetooth headphones adapters, which is the best one to buy? We found that the FiiO UBTR Bluetooth Headphone adapter was the best overall. Here is why.

The FiiO UBTR Bluetooth headphone adapter can offer a reliable wireless Bluetooth connection to your devices. The adapter produces good sound and it won’t muddy your music up. The headphone adapter supports a variety of audio codecs like aptX and AAC. The adapter is lightweight and can easily clip to clothing or a backpack. To use the adapter, the controls are simple and it is hard to mess it up.

The adapter comes with an USB-C charging cable for easy charging. The battery has a good lifespan, lasting around nine hours which is good for a workday or commute. If you’re a business person and need to make calls, this adapter comes with a built in microphone and it can use voice control. Now this microphone isn’t the best one out on the market but it will get the job done.

This similar product is available:

If you want a second option for a Bluetooth headphone adapter, look at the TaoTronics TT-BR009. The audio quality for this adapter is great and it supports the same audio codes as the FiiO, aptX and AAC. The controls to use the adapter are easy to use and flawlessly placed.The Bluetooth range for the adapter is impressive and can accommodate walking around your home or office.

The nice thing about the TaoTronics TT-BR009 is the battery length. The FiiO only last around nine hours, where the TaoTronics last around 15-hours. The microphone with this adapter is also a little better, so if you want a business class microphone, the TaoTronics is your choice. The downside to the TaoTronics is the fact that is doesn’t have a clip to attach to your backpack or jacket when using it, making it hard to use the adapter when you’re on the go.

At the end of the day, both of these Bluetooth headphone adapters are a great choice. They both range around the same price of $20, which is a great price for adapters. They each have their own unique features, which might work and not work for you.

The best part is being able to use the Bluetooth adapter to solve a simple problem. This adapter can help serve a purpose especially if you love your older headphones and need to pair it with a device that doesn’t have a headphone jack. Typically these adapter are small, around the size of an iPod Shuffle, so you won’t even notice having it around. Since the device uses Bluetooth technology, you can safely keep your phone in your pocket or bag when using the device.

These two Bluetooth adapters also work with portable speakers, car stereos, and other Bluetooth enable devices. So you’re getting a lot for your money with these two adapters. Have you ever used a Bluetotoh Headphone Adapter? How did it work out for you?

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