Water Protection IPX Explained In Wireless Headphones


When you’re looking for an excellent waterproof wireless headphone, the IPX rating is something you should take into consideration. What exactly is the IPX rating you ask? Today we are going to break down what an IPX rating is. From there, you can see which rank best suits your waterproof needs. 

The waterproof protection rating comes with an IP (ingress protection) that follows two numbers. The first number represents the level of protection from dust and will rate from 0-6. The second number represents protection from the water on a scale of 0-8. The IPX code indicates that the headphones are protected to a certain degree from water. If there is an X at the end of an IPX code, then there is no protection from dust. 

That is where you see the IPX rating. The X represents the dust protection rating, which doesn’t exist on some wireless headphones. You may see the same type of evaluation when it comes to dust only protection, which is IP6X. So the IP represents the ingress protection, following the level of security of dust, and concluding with the level of protection from water. Here is a quick breakdown of how safe your waterproof wireless headphones are when it comes to water.

-IPX0 means no protection

-IPX1 means protection from dripping water

-IPX2 means protection from vertically dripping water

-IPX3 means protection from sprayed water

-IPX4 means protection from splashed water

-IPX5 means protection from water projected from a nozzle

-IPX6 means protection from strong jets of water

-IPX7 means protection from immersion in water up to 3ft or 1m for 30 minutes

-IPX8 means it is better than IPX7, but there are no exact requirements

Currently, there are no IPX8 Bluetooth wireless headphones on the market. The manufacturer usually claims IPX8, and the best bet is the wireless connection wouldn’t work correctly underwater, which is why we don’t currently see any.

If you want the best type of waterproof wireless headphone, you want to look for an IPX7 since it can withstand being submerged underwater. Currently, IPX7 is also the best waterproof protection that is on the market with Bluetooth headphones. Most waterproof wireless headphones come with an IPX4 rating because they need it to get certified. With an IPX4 rating, most manufacturers will also count their headphones as “sweatproof.”

Always be careful when looking at your IPX rating as well. Companies that aren’t well known could try and fake their IPX rating. If you see one that features a hyphen between the IP or IPX and the number, the score is fake or invalid. So a rating like IPX-7 isn’t accurate, and your best bet is not to find a different type of headphones.

There you have it, a quick and easy lesson on what the IPX rating means on your waterproof headphones and how to find the best for your needs. If you’re looking for a great pair of waterproof wireless headphones, check out our article here to find your new favorite pair.





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