Wolf-Paw EarSnugz Review


Winter can be a brutal month for some. If you have to walk to work or school in the cold it is especially bad. The best thing to help combat the cold is a nice warm pair of earmuffs. That means sacrificing listening to your favorite music or podcast to keep yourself warm though. Fortunately, a company has stepped in to make your life a little easier. You can keep yourself warm and still listen to your favorite tunes.

EarSnugz has released a pair of wolf-paw ear warmers that promise to keep your ears warm but still allow you to listen to your favorite music or podcast. These ear warmers will transform your headphones into an ultra-soft musical earmuff that is practical but also stylish. They promise to fit over all headphones and offer an adjustable toggle tightening system so your ear warmers can snugly fit onto your headphones. Some headphones mentioned that this product works with are Beats, Bose, JBL, and Skullcandy. Do note these are only made for over-ear headphones.

The material is hypoallergenic, thermal grade material, so even people with sensitive skin can comfortably wear them. The unique fabric is a blend that makes it easy for your sound to pass through your headphones, and they promise 99.9% full sound quality with near-zero loss.


Size: One size fits all headphones

Colors: Pastel Pink, Black, Grey, and White

Material: 100% allergy free polyester, durable quick-drying, and fade-resistant.

The headphone covers are easy to use and stretch over the headphone cushions you are applying them onto. If the covers are a little loose, use the toggle system to achieve the perfect fit. The covers also have cut-outs slots so you can quickly charge your headphones or use a cable without having to remove your cover. The covers are machine washable and air-dried.

Overall, the EarSnugz covers are great if you need something that will protect your ears during the winter. The product are gender-neutral, so it isn’t too feminine for a guy to wear, and they get the job done. They’re easy to wash and promise to fit on all sizes of over-ear headphones, making them an excellent gift for anyone who wears headphones often.

The headphone covers are currently on sale, and you can purchase a set here.



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